Dr. Rob Brown started practicing in Indiana in 1987 following his graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport Iowa. He obtained his CCSP in 1993. He has been involved in continuing Education lectures in PA in 2014 through the University of Bridgeport,  in 2015 in NJ,OH, PA through Texas Chiropractic College, and in 2018 through Sherman College of Chiropractic.  He moved into his current location on Heritage Run Road in 2006.  Contact our office at robbrown421@gmail.com for any additional information, or call.

Glenn R Brown DC

Brown Family Chiropractic

170 Heritage Run Road
Indiana, PA 15701

When it comes to your health, we've got your back

Indiana County is in the Green! We are all going to be more active, more out and about, more let's do something with this welcome change. A few reminders-
1. Take things slow. When you go back to the gym start slowly and increase gradually. Don't strain something and put yourself on the injured list.
2. Many people will be able to start their work again. Don't be surprised when you get sore, tired or fatigued from this eight hour work day.
3. Get some extra rest. It is hard to imagine since many people have been resting by government decree. But extra work demands extra rest.
4. Be patient with the businesses that are just starting up again. They are trying to do things in a new way also.
This is a great time to express gratitude to everyone we come in contact with. Take a moment to be kind to someone. Maybe we can make our corners of the world a little better.
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