Brown Family Chiropractic


Chiropractor offering a wide range of chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation services in Indiana, PA & Surrounding Communities.

Spinal examinations, range of motion evaluation, orthopedic examinations, gait analysis, muscle strength testing, neurologic testing are all available to determine the source of each patient's problems.

Correction of any problems noted is accomplished by spinal adjustments, performed by hand,  and are painless, low force and are tailored to each patients' needs and preferences. 

Physical therapy modalities are available using state of the art spinal decompression(traction), electric muscle stimulation, moist heat, ice, TENS therapy, manual muscle treatments, massage and trigger point therapy.

Rehabilitation plans use core strengthening exercises, posture and balance correction, muscle therapies, flexibility through stretching, gait retraining, and restoration of functional strength.

When complementary care is appropriate, referrals are made to a large variety of excellent medical, rehabilitative and other chiropractic professionals.

Nutritional counseling is available and supplements can be ordered.  Biofreeze and StopPain are always available for purchase.  Standard Process supplements are available.  Any other supplies or equipment can be ordered.

David Briggs, LMT has recently begun offering massages in the office. 
Brittany Stroup,  LMT has begun offerring her massage services and can be contacted at or by calling 724-209-4067

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